Vodafone, the world’s largest mobile telecommunications group, made the UK’s first mobile call in 1985.

As well as mobile phones, accessories and upgrades, the network provides mobile broadband, mobile internet, home broadband services and a wide range of applications and extras to consumers and business customers.

From early 2010, Vodafone will be stocking Apple’s iPhone 3G and 3GS smartphones. You can already buy the HTC Tattoo Android-powered device from Vodafone – the first carrier in the UK to offer the device to mobile phone customers!

80% of the UK population is covered by Vodafone’s 3G network, and any pay monthly customers with a 3G phone can use it as a modem by connecting it to their laptop.

Mobile broadband with Vodafone

You can use your Vodafone mobile phone as a modem with a “mobile broadband via your phone” data pack (your user manual will tell you if you need to make any changes to your phone’s settings beforehand):

• Vodafone’s £15-per-month data pack is ideal for large downloads as it gives you 3GB of data per month. You don’t need a separate USB modem device either – just use your phone. What you can’t do is use data services like making calls or sharing data files over the internet

• The £25-per-month data pack gives you 5GB per month, as well as full access to data services like making calls and sharing data files over the internet. Again, no need for a separate USB modem device

If you’re a pay monthly customer, you can add mobile broadband to your price plan via your phone simply by calling 191 or popping into your nearest Vodafone store.

Pay as you go customers can also add Vodafone’s Data Plus pack to their price plan by calling 191. For £10 per week (plus your normal daily browsing charge of 50p per day for 25MB of data), the pack gives you full access to data services like making calls and sharing data files over the internet.

Mobile internet with Vodafone

Pay as you go customers can access the internet on their phone for no more than 50p per day with Vodafone (subject to a 25MB daily data limit). However, when you pay as you browse you can’t use data services like making calls or sharing data files over the internet – to be able to do that, you’ll need to get your hands on a Data Plus pack.
If you’re a pay monthly customer, you can also opt to browse the web for 50p per day or – if you use the internet quite a lot on your phone – you can choose from a selection of Vodafone packs:
• Value pack – For £5 per month, you can permanently add mobile internet to your price plan. Just call 191 or visit your nearest Vodafone outlet

• Flexi pack – For £7.50 per month, you can add mobile internet to your price plan but retain the option to unsubscribe at any time. Vodafone will even give you your first month free of charge! Get a Flexi Pack now by texting “web pack” to 97613

Mobile internet: Usage limits
Vodafone’s data limits are designed to make sure all customers enjoy a fast and reliable mobile internet service.
With the pay as you browse option, you can use up to 25MB of data for 50p per day – that’s around 2p per MB. Don’t worry about going over the 25MB limit – Vodafone will keep you informed of where you stand!
Customers who opt for a Value or Flexi browsing pack enjoy a substantial 500MB of data every month – and, again, Vodafone will keep you posted on how much data you’ve used and where you can choose to go from there.
Pay monthly customers keen to use their phone for data services (like connecting your handset to your laptop and using it as a modem, making calls over the internet or sharing files over the internet) can do so with a Vodafone “mobile broadband via your phone” pack.

Mobile email
With a Vodafone mobile, there are four different ways you can read and respond to your Hotmail, Google Mail, Yahoo! or AOL email on your handset:
Vodafone Email Plus – From £5 per month, you can receive instant, unlimited access from Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! and other popular accounts. You can even synchronise your calendar and contacts – and read attachments!
Email in your phone’s inbox – If you prefer to treat your Sky, AOL, Google Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo! or other emails like text messages, you can receive them in your handset’s main inbox. And, once you’ve set this up, you’re always logged in for handiness! Vodafone’s standard mobile internet costs – outlined above – apply.

Web email – This is the option for you if you only use your mobile phone for email once in a while – just pay Vodafone’s standard mobile internet costs.

Blackberry Email – For £5 per month, you can have your Blackberry email sent straight from up to 10 different webmail accounts. Check your messages, reply to them – and synchronise your calendar and contacts! To activate email on your Blackberry, go to Setup, select the Mobile Email Settings icon and follow the straightforward instructions (you’ll need your email username and password to hand).

Vodafone home broadband

With Vodafone, you can get high-speed home internet access and inclusive landline calls – anytime – for just £14 per month (plus £11 line rental, which you stop paying to your existing provider).
Some of the perks of the Vodafone At Home broadband package include:
• 25% off calls to UK mobiles (compared with BT standard rates)
• Free UK-based telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Inclusive calls to UK landlines at any time of the day or night
• Up to 8MB superfast broadband connection with unlimited usage (fair usage policy applies)
• A broadband modem and 3 microfilters worth £10 each
• 30-day money back guarantee
• Norton Internet Security for 6 months
• 10 email addresses, each with 20MB of storage
• Vodafone Divert and Caller Display

Wireless home broadband

When you sign up for Vodafone At Home, you can pay just £24.47 to upgrade to a Netgear wireless router – that’s 50% less than the cost of upgrading to wireless at a later date! This lets you connect any wireless-enabled computers to the internet anywhere in your home.

If you own or manage a small business, you can find out all about Vodafone’s special price plans, offers and mobile broadband deals for businesses by visiting the Vodafone website.

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