With over 17 million customers and 275 stores across the UK, T-Mobile is part of one of the world’s biggest mobile companies. It has the largest global WiFi network, with over 1,200 HotSpots in the UK alone.

Mobile Broadband with T-Mobile

Surfing the web without a landline – whenever you want – is easy with T-Mobile mobile broadband as it wirelessly connects your laptop to the internet. As well as being consistently voted the fastest Mobile Broadband Network by PC Pro, T-Mobile won the Mobile Data Association’s Best Network award in 2008.

Just choose from one of the following ways to pay and then enjoy unlimited browsing (with no hidden charges):

Pay per day: When you purchase a pay-per-day T-Mobile USB modem stick, you only pay for the days you surf the web. Choose from three pay options – £2 per day, £7 per week or £15 per month – each with 30 days’ free unlimited internet browsing once you’ve paid for your first day (which will cost you just £2).

Pay monthly: T-Mobile’s fastest USB modem stick is yours for free when you choose from two price plans: Mobile Broadband Plus (18-month plan) at £10 per month for your first three months, then £15 per month after that; or Mobile Broadband Extra (24-month plan) at £30 per month.

Pay up front: If you choose to pay up front for 3 or 12 months – or pick the plan as a gift for someone else – you will save up to 25% on your mobile broadband. With the 3-month plan, you’ll get 90 days’ internet access, 2GB fair use data and 4 interchangeable covers for your USB stick. With the 12-month plan, 365 days’ internet access is included, as well as 2GB fair use data and the same 4 interchangeable USB covers.

Mobile Internet with T-Mobile

You can keep the conversation flowing with friends and family by availing of email and social networking on your T-Mobile phone. And you can even personalise the experience by adding your favourite websites to “My Stuff” on your internet homepage.

So, what about the costs of T-Mobile’s mobile internet offerings? Well, the main thing is you won’t get any surprises on your bill when it arrives each month – with T-Mobile, you can use as much mobile internet as you like and never pay more than up to £1 for a day or from £5 for the whole month:

Up to £1 – unlimited internet for 1 day: All new and existing T-Mobile customers who choose this mobile internet option will be able to browse, download, email and blog on their phone – and still only be charged £1 per day.

£2.50 – unlimited internet access for 5 days: Pay as you go customers with an internet-enabled phone can surf the web for the equivalent to 50p per day.

£5 – unlimited internet access for a month: New Combi and Flex customers can avail of unlimited mobile internet for just £5 extra per month. Combi is T-Mobile’s standard pay monthly plan where you choose a set number of monthly minutes and texts; Flext provides you with a generous amount of credit to use how you want each month.

Mobile Internet Widgets

Wiith T-Mobile’s mobile internet widgets, you can also avail of quick and easy access to the latest info of interest to you from the wide world of the web. Widgets are little icons that transport your favourite internet “stuff” straight to your mobile handset:

• You can be the first to know the latest on your favourite things with daily updates

• Automatic updates from your favourite sites

• New widgets to choose from all the time mean you can find more ways to make your phone your own

T-Mobile smartphones

The wide selection of Blackberry smartphones available from T-Mobile provide you with: instant emails that go straight to your phone when they are sent; Querty keyboards that let you chat, text, email and surf with ease; GPS navigation (so you never get lost again!); multimedia to give you high-quality photos, music and video.

As of November 2009, T-Mobile also stocks the hotly-anticipated HTC HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone, with its massive 4.3-inch HD touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, easy email set-up, superfast internet, GPS and space for extra memory.

Other smartphone models available through T-Mobile include:

T-Mobile Pulse – The first Google Android phone you can get on either pay as you go or pay monthly price plans! The Pulse features a 3.2-megapixel camera and a 3.5-inch auto-rotating touchscreen. Pay monthly customers get the handset for free when they take out a 24-month T-Mobile contract from £27.50 per month.

T-Mobile G2 Touch – With a large interactive touchscreen and a 5-megapixel camera, the G2 touch lets you check out your friends’ online photo albums in the live gallery and upload shots to Facebook, Flickr and Twitter with one touch. The G2 is yours for free if you choose a 24-month T-Mobile contract from £30 per month.

HTC Touch 2 – Running Windows Mobile 6.5, the latest generation of the Windows Mobile operating system, the Touch 2 features: a 2.8-inch full touchscreen; a 3.2-megapixel camera; easy email set-up; superfast internet; WiFi; GPS; space to add extra memory. The handset is free when you opt for a 24-month T-Mobile contract.

T-Mobile Compact V – Also running Windows Mobile 6.5, the Compact V has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 5-megapixel camera, GPS, superfast internet, WiFi and 2GB extra memory – and it’s free when you take out an 18-month T-Mobile contract.

Mobile upgrades with T-Mobile

If you fancy a mobile makeover, check the T-Mobile website to see if you’re due a free upgrade or even money off a brand new model.

Pay monthly customers could get a free phone and a month’s free line rental with T-Mobile’s range of exclusive online upgrade offers. If you’re happy with the handset you have, how about an impressive 20% saving when you renew your pricing plan online? You can find out if you’re due an upgrade by logging into My T-Mobile and checking “upgrades”. Alternatively, you can call the network on 150 or visit your nearest T-Mobile store.

Free delivery

Free delivery is standard for all orders made on the T-Mobile website. Place your order by 5pm and T-Mobile will do its best to deliver within two working days.

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