Orange is the number three mobile operator in Europe and the number one provider of broadband internet services. Its 3G network covers more people in the UK than any other operator.

The Apple iPhone on Orange
In November 2009, Orange joined O2 in offering the Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS to pay as you go, pay monthly and business customers.

As well as having the bonus of Orange Wednesday to offer customers, Orange provides a lower-cost entry-level iPhone tariff than O2, with 150 minutes and 250 texts available at £29.36 a month on a 24-month contract. Orange also imposes a fair usage limit of 750MB a month (O2 has no set limit).

Orange customers can get their hands on an iPhone 3G or 3GS by either visiting the Orange website or retail outlets, or popping into Carphone Warehouse, any HMV concession, Apple retail store, Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U shop.

• Pay monthly customers will get their iPhone 3G for free when they take out a 24-month, £30 contract

• The iPhone 3GS is free to pay monthly customers who opt for a 24-month contract at £45 per month

• Pay as you go customers who top up by £50 at purchase can take home their 3G handset for £333 – and that includes 250MB of monthly data usage and a year’s unlimited use of the BT Openzone network

• Business customers who opt for a 24-month contract at £50 not only get an 8GB black iPhone 3G, a 16GB iPhone 3GS – in black or white – or a32GB iPhone 3GS – also in black or white – for free, they benefit from 2000 minutes, 200 texts, unlimited internet browsing (with a fair usage policy of 750MB per month) and unlimited WiFi

• Business customers can opt to share their plan, giving some or all of the individuals on the plan unlimited mobile internet and WiFi for just £8 per person per month

Orange Wednesday

Every Wednesday, mobile, broadband and mobile broadband customers on the Orange network can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets by texting ‘FILM’ to 241.

By signing up to the Orange Wednesdays email, you can also have all the latest film reviews, a cinema finder and all the top trailers and film clips delivered to your inbox.

Orange recently teamed up with PizzaExpress to make Orange Wednesdays even more of a bargain – not only can you get 2 for 1 pizzas in nationwide PizzaExpress restaurants every Wednesday, there’s free garlic bread or dough balls thrown in as well.

Orange Mobile Services

When you choose a mobile phone on the Orange network, you can enjoy the following mobile services (and much, much more!):

Video Messaging – As well as text and picture messaging, you have the option of sending friends and family a video message, adding photos, text or voice clips to send to anyone with a compatible Video Messaging phone on a UK network. If you want to send a video message to someone who doesn’t have a compatible phone, the recipient will get a text with details of how to view the message on the Orange website – or you can opt to send the message to their email address.

Video calling – If you and a friend or family member both have 3G phones, you’ll be able to see and hear each other in high-quality video and sound. Just enter a phone number – or choose one from your contacts – and select the Video Call option. If the person you call doesn’t have a 3G phone or can’t take your call, you’ll be diverted to a video answerphone where you can record a short video message. This is free for the recipient to open and watch and, if they can’t receive video messages, they’ll receive a text with a user name, password and link to your video on the Orange website. If you receive a video call and would prefer to speak without being seen by the caller, you can choose a voice-only answering option.

Conference calling – If you’re a pay monthly customer, you can save time and effort when it comes to discussions or arrangements by getting up to five people together on a conference call. As well as controlling the call with your phone, you can add people to the call when you want, start a conference call at any point during a normal call, allow others to dial in to your conference call, and have separate private conversations with selected callers during the conference call.

Line 2 – You can split call types with two separate lines on your phone if you’re a pay monthly customer. It’s a less expensive option than having two phones, you’ll have separate numbers as well as separate bills, and you’ll be able to manage both accounts online via the Orange website. If you use your mobile for work, Line 2 is useful for tax purposes when it comes to submitting your expense claims. To set up Line 2, just call 150 from your Orange phone or 07973 100 150 from any other phone.

Orange Chat – Available through Orange World, Orange Chat lets you visit moderated chat rooms where you can meet and communicate with new people. There are themed rooms for subjects ranging from music and celebrities to film and general chat. To access Orange Chat, simply go to Orange World on your phone, select Chat from the menu, choose a nickname and enter some personal details, then pick the room you’d like to visit!

Mobile email – You can set up push email on any MMS and WAP-capable phone and get all your emails delivered to your handset as they’re sent. If your phone is WAP or internet-enabled, Orange World is one of the easiest ways to access your Webmail. When you go to “Tools”, then “Read your email” and select your email provider, you’ll be taken to your provider’s WAP site. You can also listen to email on your phone by setting up a free Orange Email account and calling your answerphone. Furthermore, you can listen to email from up to three additional accounts if you set up Email Manager.

Blackberry mobile email – Emails and attachments will be sent to your Blackberry wirelessly as and when you receive them, and BlackBerry Internet Solution from Orange lets you send and receive your personal or business internet email. You can set up to do this quickly and easily online at your computer or from your Blackberry itself. You can also open attachments on the go and review PowerPoint presentations in an easy-to-use slideshow format.

Mobile data services

With 3G, you can enjoy faster email, gaming, video and browsing than ever before. Because Orange has the UK’s largest integrated 2.5/3G network, you can:

• Enjoy a better, quicker experience of Orange World and popular mobile internet sites such as BBCi and Google
• Download free, high-quality TV, sports and film clips

Orange’s 3G network covers 85% of the population, and if you go out of 3G range, you’ll be transferred to its 2.5G network.

With GPRS, you can stay connected to your email, Orange World or the internet on the move and still pick up calls while you’re online. You can also:

• Access Orange World and stay connected for as long as you like, paying only for the information you send and receive – not the time you spend connected
• Purchase a data bundle or use GPRS on a pay-as-you-consume basis

High Speed Data

With your High Speed Data-enabled phone, you can send and receive information from your laptop – with data speeds of up to 28.8kbps. Perks include:

• Sending and downloading files from your PDA or laptop on the move
• Paying per minute for the time you spend connected
• Being able to use High Speed Data abroad (where there is coverage and with a compatible phone)

More information on using your mobile phone abroad, pricing, insurance, mobile entertainment, home and mobile broadband, 3G devices and accessories can be found on the Orange website.

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