O2 provides mobile and broadband services to consumers and businesses in the UK, Germany and Ireland. It is the leader in non-voice services – including text, media messaging, games, music and video, as well as data connections via GPRS, HSDPA, 3G and WLAN.

What does O2 offer?

O2′s wide range of products and services include mobile phones, home broadband, mobile broadband, laptops, accessories and phone insurance.

Mobile internet and email

Increasingly, individuals and businesses are getting more out of their mobile internet experience and keeping up with their emails on the move.

Through O2′s mobile internet and O2 Active, you can access all your favourite email sites just as you would on your PC or Mac. And you’ll recognise other features familiar from your computer, including:

• the option to personalise your homepage so your favourite sites and services are at your fingertips

• an internet browser bar that lets you search, enter web addresses, bookmark pages and navigate easily around the web

• a selection of the mobile internet’s best content and services, also on O2 Active

Mobile internet is automatically available on the following phones, but more models are always being added to the list – if you own a phone on the list, simply open the browser by pressing the right shortcut key from your home screen (it will say ‘O2′ or ‘O2 Active’), or by going into the phone’s main menu and pressing ‘Web’, ‘O2′, or ‘O2 Active’:

• Nokia E51
• Nokia E71
• Nokia E90
• Nokia N78
• Nokia N81
• Nokia N82
• Nokia N95
• Nokia N95 8GB
• Nokia N96
• Nokia 6220
• Samsung i8510
• Sony Ericsson C702
• Sony Ericsson C902
• Sony Ericsson C903
• Sony Ericsson C905
• Sony Ericsson K850i
• Sony Ericsson T700
• Sony Ericsson W595
• Sony Ericsson W705
• Sony Ericsson W902
• Sony Ericsson W910i
• Sony Ericsson W980i
• Sony Ericsson W995
• Sony Ericsson X1
• Motorola Z10
• Xda Ignito
• Xda Zest
• Xda Orbit 1
• Xda Orbit 2
• Xda Trion

Even if your phone isn’t on the above list, you will still have O2 Active.

More about O2 Active
You can use O2 Active to access mobile versions of sites like Facebook, MySpace, Napster and the BBC, as well as film and TV listings and celebrity gossip from GQ, Heat and Glamour magazines. It also lets you send and receive emails and personalise your handset by choosing from thousands of the latest ringtones and wallpapers.

If you know O2 Active is available on your handset, open the browser by pressing the right shortcut key from the O2 or O2 Active homescreen, or by going into the main menu by hitting ‘Web’, ‘O2′ or ‘O2 Active’.

Mobile internet prices

• If you’re a Pay Monthly customer who joined O2 or upgraded since the start of 2008, you’ll be on the Web Daily tariff and never pay more than 98p in a day.
• If you’re a Pay & Go customer, you’ll be charged £2.94 for every MB of data you use
You also have the option to pay a monthly charge of £7.34 for the Web Bolt On, which gives you mobile email and unlimited mobile internet/O2 Active – perfect if you use a lot of data (watching videos, for example).
1MB of data is:
• approximately 40 internet pages on O2 Active, between 2 and 10 full web pages outside of O2 (depending on graphics, images and text quantity) or between 10 and 20 mobile web pages
• 200 emails without attachments or 10 emails with basic one-page attachments
• 15 hours of sat-nav traffic alert service (using GPS sat-nav without traffic alert service will not cost you a data charge)

If you use large quantities of data:
A Browsing Bolt On is recommended if you use lots of services not provided by O2, otherwise you’re likely to be charged separately for them. Such services include:
• Downloading video clips from third-party sources – as well as paying for the cost of the video, you’ll be charged for up to 5MB of data, depending on the length and quality of the clip (downloading video clips, music or games from O2 will cost you nothing other than the price of the content)
• Downloading high-quality music tracks from third parties – this will cost the price of each track plus between 1MB and 5MB per of data per track (depending on length and quality)
• Downloading games from a third party – you will pay the price of the game as well as a typical data quantity of 300KB
NB: VOIP uses 1MB of data every 3-4 minutes, downloading a full-length movie can use more than 1,000MB and watching 15 minutes of TV using a video/audio streaming device uses around 25MB.

More about Bolt Ons
As well as the Unlimited Web option for £7.34 a month, other Bolt Ons available from O2 include:
• O2 Your Family Bolt on – for £7.34 a month, you can add up to four people to a family group and enjoy unlimited calls, texts and picture messages between yourselves
• Discount Country – for £2.94 per month, you can enjoy reduced call rates to selected countries
• Unlimited web – for £7.24 a month you can enjoy unlimited access to more than 5,000 UK WiFi hotspots
• My Europe Extra – save money on making and receiving calls in Europe for £9.79 per month
You can add a Bolt On for just a month if you give O2 30 days notice. Just contact Customer Service by calling 202 for free from your Pay Monthly mobile.

Inclusive Bolt Ons
Customers on standard tariffs – with 600 minutes or more – can choose from one of the following at no extra charge (iPhone tariffs already include the unlimited web and WiFi Bolt Ons at no extra charge):

• Unlimited web
• Unlimited WiFi
• Unlimited texts
• Unlimited weekend calls to UK networks and landlines (between 12:01am on Saturday to 11:59pm on Sunday)

• Unlimited O2 to O2 calls
• 200 Anytime minutes
You can choose a new Bolt On every 90 days
New iPhone 3GS

The O2 Web and WiFi Bolt On gives you 12 months of unlimited web and WiFi when you buy a new iPhone. You can keep the Bolt On at the end of that time by paying just £10 per month.

When you first get your iPhone, you’ll have unlimited calls to UK landlines and O2 mobiles (from any postcode you choose) on the Favourite Place tariff.

The more you top up, the more minutes you’ll receive:

• £10-£14 will get you 500 minutes
• £15-£29 will get you 1000 minutes
• £30 or more will get you unlimited minutes

Calls you make on top of your bundle will cost from 5p per minute in the UK. Texts cost 10p each. If you fancy a change of tariff, you can switch up to once a month.

Contract and Pay & Go iPhones

You can get the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS on an 18-month or 24-month contract – all tariffs include International Traveller Service, which gives you a discount of up to 80% on calls and texts abroad.

The iPhone 3G and 3GS are also both available on Pay & Go. Choose from:

• iPhone 3G 8GB for £342.50
• iPhone 3GS 16GB for £440.40
• iPhone 3GS 32GB for £538.30

NB When you get your new iPhone, you’ll need an internet connection and iTunes to activate it.

Other smartphones available from O2 include the Blackberry, the XDA and the Palm Pre.

Visit O2 today to discover more great tariffs.

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