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Carphone Warehouse (CPW) is a major retailer of mobile phones and related equipment in the UK and worldwide. The chain has over 2,400 stores in nine countries and works alongside all of the UK’s major networks to offer great, exclusive deals to customers.

People who like to get more from their phone will be pleased to hear these fantastic deals extend to high profile smartphone handsets like the iPhone 3GS and the Blackberry Storm2.

What can you buy at CPW??

Customers do not just shop in CPW for their mobile phones and accessories. They also find broadband and laptop deals in store. In addition iPods and other MP3 players are available in store alongside games for various consoles like the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

Most importantly though, the chain offers great mobile phone deals with qualified customer service staff on hand to make sure each customer finds a deal that is just right for them.

As well as a full range of simple pay as you go deals and basic phones that offer good value to customers who mainly want to talk and text, Carphone stocks the best new smarphones, including the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the Blackberry Storm2 and the HTC Hero, Magic, Touch Diamond 2 and Touch HD.

Cheapest deals

The cheapest pay monthly deal currently being offered at Carphone is a £5 per month deal with orange. Anyone going for this super cheap deal gets 50 minutes free and 50 free texts all for the bargain price of a fiver a month!

To get this tariff customers sign up to a 36-month contract.

The cheapest pay as you go phone is available for just £4.95 when bought with £15 of airtime. This phone is the Samsung E1100.

Free gifts

Carphone offer extra perks when customers buy phones through their stores and online. Free gifts are a speciality at CPW and include laptops, Nintendo DSs and Nintendo Wii with Wii Fit.

Current offers include a PS3 Slim console with Ghostbusters game, and Xbox 360 Elite and Nintendo Wii. Handheld consoles include the Nintendo DS and the PSP 3000 with FIFA 2009 game.
Free laptops include models by Samsung, Toshiba and Dell.

Customers wanting to take advantage of the free gifts must sign up to a pay monthly deal, paying as little as £25 per month which includes generous free call and text allowances


CPW sells the iPhone 3GS on the O2 network, from just £45 per month on a pay monthly deal and from just £342.49 on a pay as you go basis.

The older iPhone 3G is available through CPW for as little as £34.26 per month when customers sign up to an 18 months contract with O2.

If customers are happy to pay just £96.89 for their iPhone 3G, they can pay just £29.38 per month for their contract.

Used phones

Customers who want to get their hands on a phone with more features without breaking the bank can visiting CPW for a refurbished phones. Current offers include the Samsung U600 for £39.99 when bought with just £10 of top-up credit and the Samsung G600 from just £49.95.

Upgrade reminder

To get the best deals when you are ready to upgrade your phone or your contract, simply fill in the details of when your upgrade or contract is up on CPW’s website and they will notify you at the time of the best deals available.

Upgrading with CPW is preferred by many customers as their receive impartial advice and cover every network. Customers can keep their numbers and can order their new one or contract online or by phone.

In addition, customers can trade in their old phone, or even their TomTom or Nintendo DS for up to £180 in value.


Any orders worth of £50 placed with CPW online are delivered free of charge the next working day if ordered before midnight on Sunday and 5pm on Thursday.

For orders over £50, Royal Mail delivery should take just 3-4 working days.

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