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3 mobile SIM only product range, all with FREE Sky3 Mobile is a little different from other phone operators in that it is dedicated to bringing users the best internet experience to their mobile devices.

3 says it prides itself on offering the widest choice of ways to stay connected to friends, family, work colleagues and of course the rest of the world via the web.

3’s 3G network

At 3, they are constantly working on building an even bigger and better network to speed up connections and improve coverage for phone users and those accessing the web on their mobile phones.

The firm already has the largest 3G network, which covers 91 per cent of the UK population. In 2010, 3 is investing millions more in extending its network further until it has almost complete coverage of the population.

In a move that helped it to enhance coverage, 3 signed a deal with T-Mobile to share masts, a collaboration which is set for completion by the end of 2010. By this time, 98 per cent of the population will be covered through a vast network of 13,000 masts.

Email on 3

Whether you have an email account with Yahoo!, Hotmail, Google Mail, or any other email provider, Email on 3 pushed your email from your home or work PC to your mobile phone inbox.

All 3 customers (PAYG or pay monthly) get a two weeks free trial of Email of 3. This way, you can try it out for size and see if it suits your needs. If you love the email service as much as we think you will, you can access it all the time with the use of an internet add-on – more details on this below.

Explore the internet on your mobile

Planet 3 is the gateway provided to 3 customers who want to explore the best the web has to offer on their mobile device. Users simply press the top right, Planet 3 key when they want to go online and this will act as a platform from which they can browser the web, online news and best deals.

Planet 3 also provides easy-to-navigate categories which help users to find exactly what they are looking for and quickly (saving money and time!)

In addition to exploring the web, users can also check their account details through the Planet 3 platform accessing information on how many minutes they have used and how many calls and texts they have made. Planet 3 is also the place to top-up your account or change your personal details.

Quick internet access and social networking

For the very quickest internet access from your 3 phone, simply click on ‘Favourites’ where you can find quick links to your top sites along with special applications like Google Maps.

3 users can access their social networking pages from here and because the network is so vast and quick, there’s no annoying waiting around for pages to load. Twitter, Facebook, Bebo and MySpace are all so incredibly simple to access from your phone if you are a 3 customer.


Web and email
So, if all this sounds tempting, it’s easy to access with the Internet & Email add-on, which costs from as little as £2.50 per month. This great ‘package’ is keenly priced and allows you to access the most information for the least amount of money. The package also covers unlimited email activity, with no nasty surprises regardless of how many mails you send and receive!

If you are a keen texter and you realise that your monthly allowance is regularly being exceeded, from an extra £5 per month you can add to your allowance, paying more for a greater number of extra texts.

To make unlimited calls abroad, try 3’s International Saver Add-on, which covers calls from the UK to 38 different destinations worldwide.

Mobile as modem
From £10 per month you can get great rates when using your mobile as your modem for your PC internet use. Users also get free Email on 3 with this add-on.

Recommended phones

The 3 website makes some very useful recommendations as to the best phones on the market at the moment. With the current influx of smartphones all vying for a place in the booming market, it helps to get some advice!

3’s recommendations as of November 2009:

Nokia’s E71 is ‘best for email’

INQ1 is ‘best for social networking’

Sony Ericsson’s C510 is ‘best for Windows Live Messenger’

3 Skypephone S2 is ‘best for Skype

Current deals

3 is currently offering prospective customers a great new deal for the Sony Ericsson T715. The Mix and Match 500 plan allows customers to get 500 free minutes or texts, any time, any network for just £13.50 per month. This is reduced from £18 per month.

This deal is available on an 18-month contract and includes a FREE PAYG SIM for a friend, Free Skype-to-Skype calls, Free voicemail and free 300 minutes of 3 to 3 calls ever month!

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