June 5, 2013

Dim smartphone lights for better sleep, research suggests

Recent studies have suggested that dimming the light on a smartphone screen can result in a better night's sleep for those prone to using their phones in bed.

Previous studies have suggested that using a smartphone in bed could result in poor sleep, but this latest research, from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, has found that it is the LED screen in a phone that is to blame rather than the mental distraction.

The lights reportedly stop the body from producing the hormone melanin, which governs whether or not we feel sleepy and is known to respond to light sources. The paper stated that simply lowering the brightness of a screen and holding the gadget around 12 inches away from the face can reduce these effects and allow people a better chance of a good night's sleep.

Dr Lois Kahn, a psychiatrist from the Mayo Clinic, told Medical Daily: "In the old days, people would go to bed and read a book. But much more commonly people go to bed and they have their tablet on which they read a book or they read a newspaper or they're looking at material.

'The problem is it's a lit device, and how problematic is the light source from the mobile device?"

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