April 24, 2013

Nokia launches phone with WhatsApp button

Nokia has unveiled the new Asha 201, a phone specifically designed for social media use, with a Qwerty keyboard and an integrated WhatsApp button.

The Asha range is designed to be an affordable alternative to the premium Lumia range and is likely to be popular with a younger market keen to keep in constant contact with friends and family.

Social media is given prominence on the handsets, but they also boast a number of other desirable features. These include a two mega-pixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The camera includes an edit function that allows users to make sure their pictures look their best before they are uploaded to Facebook, for example.

The much-discussed WhatsApp button, meanwhile, integrates the chat service into the handset, allowing users instant access to the service.

The handset is at the lower end of the market and is expected to be priced at around £50 when it lands in the UK in the second quarter of this year. A variety of different colours is likely to make the handset even more appealing to a young audience, who can buy the phone in yellow, cyan, black, magenta and white.

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