May 23, 2012

Mobile Spy software launched

Smartphone security is an important issue at the moment. With more and more information stored on the handsets, they have become a real target for criminals looking to gather financial data, or malware programmers that just want to cause trouble.

But there is also another problem in that parents and employees often want to know exactly what the phones they are paying for are being used for.

With this in mind, the launch of the sixth generation Mobile Spy monitoring software for smartphones from Retina-X Studios should be welcomed. The award-winning system has been overhauled include a variety of new functions and should improve the extent to which users can be monitored.

The software now works block certain applications and also boasts new social media recording features. It works across five different smartphone platforms and silently records user activity of children or employees to deliver logs that can be viewed online in real time.

Entire SMS messages can be monitored, along with actual GPS locations, call information and photos taken on the phone. Any device with web access can be used to view the information in real time.

James Johns, CEO of Retina-X Studios, had this to say: "Technology can be dangerous in the hands of a teenager. What if a stranger is trying to take advantage of them on Facebook? Are they sending naughty photos and deleting them afterward?

“The advantages of knowing the answers are far better than the damages which can be caused by not knowing at all."

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