May 18, 2012

LG unveils new handset

LG has unveiled a new version of its Optimus handset in a bid to compete with its more successful rivals, such as Apple and Samsung.

The South Korean company stated that the Optimus LTE2 will be released in the domestic market "soon" and offers as much memory as a notebook computer, as well as a battery that provides 40 per cent more running time on a single charge than its predecessor.

So far there is no timetable regarding the overseas sales plans for the handset, but it is thought that a revised model is likely to be released in North America first.

In addition to the battery improvements, the smartphone boasts a 4.7-inch liquid crystal display and a single application processor chip, which helps give its camera a faster shutter speed.

Commenting on the competition, Park Jong-Seok, president of the mobile communications division, said: "We will focus on quality and continue to release premium phones."

LG has recently been operating at a loss when it comes to its handsets, due to the popularity of other brands around the world. However, its latest update could provide a new opportunity to take on the big names on the international market.

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