March 15, 2012

iPhone app proves popular with photographers

An iPhone app designed to adjust images taken with the device has proven incredibly popular with people from all walks of life.

Instagram has been free up until recently and around 27 million people are thought to have taken advantage of its service, which also allows users to upload and share their images for free. But its main function is to overlay one of 11 filers to make images appear more individual and artistic.

However, the developers are now set to start charging in a bid to monetise their venture. They have also expanded it for use with Android devices, opening up a much wider section of the smartphone market.

It isn't just Instagram that is proving popular. Keen photographers are also downloading Hipstamatic to put other filters over their images and pictures taken with this app have even been put on display in an exclusive exhibition.

One of the pictures, taken by Damon Winter, has even made it to the cover of the New York Times, suggesting that the popularity of these apps extends beyond groups of friends and amateur photographers and into the realm of professionals.

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