January 30, 2012

Unlimited smartphone contract launched

T-Mobile has announced a new smartphone contract tariff that really is unlimited.

The Full Monty package is aimed at first-time users who are keen to pay a single subscription charge without any unpredictable extra data payments. This makes it the first smartphone contract deal to truly provide unlimited calls, text and data, without being restricted to a fair-use policy.

Prices start at £36 a month. However, these will obviously be higher for users looking to access higher-rate smartphones, such as the Apple iPhone 4S. In addition, the contracts are for a minimum of two years, but this is not unusual given the recent trends for longer deals.

It is expected to be particularly attractive to heavy internet users who might want to link their phone up with other devices to turn it into a WiFi hotspot without having to worry about going over their monthly allowance.

The deal is available on all handsets in the T-Mobile store and will be on offer from 1 February to new and upgrading customers. Meanwhile, existing customers who are yet to reach the end of their current contract can move across but they will lose out on the bundled handset.

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