December 19, 2011

Mobile devices help with Christmas shopping

With less than a week to go before Christmas day, the race is on to finish the shopping in time. To help in this task, it appears that many individuals are starting to use mobile devices and smartphones to make purchases.

Research conducted by Ofcom revealed that more and more consumers are opting to use the internet for shopping, with the UK having a higher percentage of usage than many other major countries.

Indeed, 79 per cent of UK internet users ordered goods or services online in 2010, while 89 per cent claimed to do so in 2011. This rise comes as smartphone ownership also shot up from 24 per cent to 46 per cent over the same time period.

This could be influenced by the fact that UK customers are paying lower prices for their communications services than their international counterparts.

Ed Richards, chief executive of Ofcom, commented: “Across the globe people are embracing e-commerce and social media with enthusiasm. Our research shows that the UK communications market is performing well with prices, the range of services and innovation standing up well against international benchmarks.”

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