November 3, 2010

Waterproof, floatable phone launched

Watersports enthusiasts now have a solution to the persistent problem of destroying their mobile phones when they come into contact with water, with the launch of the world's first waterproof, floating mobile phone.

The JCB Tradesman has been launched by Dragons Den entrepreneur, Peter Jones, and will help save sailors, fishermen and scuba divers from disaster when they drop their phones over board.

The buoyant model is the updated version of the popular Toughphone, which found a clear market with outdoor enthusiasts and industrial workers. The phone continues to work, even after being behind a JCB GT at 120mph, buried in two tonnes of rubble, then left under water for six hours.

Jones's company, Data Select, worked with JCB to make the virtually indestructible phone. Marketing director, Jason Kemp, said is was perfect for people who spent a lot of time messing around boats – and those who are simply accident prone.

"The Tradesman's rugged design means it will also take a hammering that would see lesser phones destroyed," he said. "Alternatively, it also makes the perfect second phone for those with an active, outdoor lifestyle that don’t want to take their smartphone mountain biking."

When the phone launched on Tuesday it already had more than 4,000 advance orders. Jones explained, "We've seen huge and rapid growth in the mobile phone market with smartphone devices, but if you lead an outdoor lifestyle or work in a particularly rugged environment, these aren’t always suitable.

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