March 26, 2010

Apple accepting iPad apps for review

Prior to the launch of the new iPad in the US on 3 April, Apple has begun accepting apps for the device for the company to review and approve.

On 3 April, the iPad app store will go live and developers have been made aware that they must submit apps to Apple by 27 March to have a chance of being amongst the first apps to appear in the iPad store.

Although the iPad was unveiled back in January, many developers have yet to see the new touch-screen, tablet-style computer. Instead they are working using an emulator to simulate the iPad’s interface.

Some developers, however, are saying that they want to see the iPad at first hand before releasing an app. Wade Slitkin, chief executive of Panelfly, a maker of digital comic book readers, said: “As much as we'd love to be there on Day One, a misstep could kill the train before it even gets out of the station.”

The iPad app rush that is predicted echoes 2007 when the iPhone first went on sale. The iTunes App Store was launched in July 2008 and brought about an “app revolution.” Over three billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store to date by iPhone and iPod Touch users.

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