March 19, 2010

Google Nexus One lags behind

It has been reported that only 135,000 units of the Google Nexus One device have been sold since it was launched 74 days ago.

These figures were released by the analyst firm, Flurry, and show that the Nexus One, the first mobile phone handset with the Google brand name, is not as popular with consumers as was originally anticipated.

The handset is run using the Android operating system, which has been used by other manufacturers such as Motorola, in their smartphones. To put the figures in context, Flurry estimated that the Motorola Milestone sold in excess of a million units globally in its first 74 days of sale.

Peter Farago from Flurry commented: "As successful and talented as Google is online with paid search and other kinds of related businesses, the hardware business is very different."

Google's woes don't stop there. In addition, reports have revealed that in an interim ruling the US Patents Office has rejected Google's application to trademark the name "Nexus One." This is because the name "Nexus" is already owned by Intergra, a US telecoms company.

The ruling isn't final, however. The Patent Office has requested further information from Google and Intergra has indicated that it would like to sort the matter out with the IT giant.

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