January 14, 2010

Ovi Store now soon to be open to N900

The Ovi Store is now going to be available for the N900, allowing users to download the latest apps to their handsets.

The news follows yesterday’s announcement that there is to be an over-the-air software upgrade for the N900. In fact it is only those who have updated their operating system via the upgrade that can access the Ovi Store. The upgrade takes about half an hour after which users will end up with a brand new version of Maemo on their phones.

Nokia made the announcement about the Ovi Store yesterday and recommends that users download the new video app called Qik and the lyric searcher app, TuneWiki.

The Ovi store is split into categories : apps, games, audio and video. It also has a personalisation category which allows users to personalise their choices and their handsets. There is also a place to get recommendations for apps and games etc. that users might be interested in.

Mark Glum at the Nokia Blog has helpfully produced a video of how the Ovi Store works on the N900, which provides a good guide for beginners.

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